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Total LAND AREA: 0.86 ACRE/86 DECIMALS / 3480.00 sq.mts/37461.00 sq.ft

Total Build Up Area: 1780.00(Existing)+2280.00(Additional)=4068.00 sq.mts/43788.00 sq.ft



As men & women, we all owe a duty to the society and to all that comprises a nation. Education is a means to the fulfilment
of that duty. Education is a companion, whom no misfortune can depress; no crime destroys; no enemy alienates; no


The concept of Global village is a reality and nations must gear up to meet the challenges and opportunities of the New Age. Human resources are among the most valuable resources that will make or mark the future of nations.
Glorious foundati


I appreciate your hedge interest in teacher education programme & choosing Glorious College Of Education for that. I personally welcome you in our college.
You will experience a descent academic climate at GCE in upcoming years. At presen

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